Welcome! My name is William Long and I am the Chairman of Beacon Swimming Club. I very much hope that you will enjoy your time as a member and achieve any goals/targets set by yourselves and our coaches. 

With a vast history in both swimming and lifesaving we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly environment for everyone to achieve their own targets and goals. As a competitive club we understand that the level of ability, commitment and time designated to the sport fluctuates amongst every one of our members, therefore our coaches and club have developed a squad structure which encourages and maximises the amount of time swimmers and lifesavers alike can spend in the water, without compromising other work and leisure based commitments.   Founded in 1976, the club has continued to grow. We have trained thousands of members throughout Sussex and Kent to high standards, including some members competing on behalf of Team GB. The club provides a foundation for swimmers of all ages and abilities to maximise their own potential and learn new skills.
Beacon Swimming and Lifesaving Club provides swimmers with the opportunity to compete at competitions of all levels, including at the highest being international. Throughout the year the club and it’s members are also involved in a range of other exciting competitions ranging from Club Galas, to Club Championships and meets of all different levels (including County, Regional and National Championships), giving every one of our members the opportunity to compete on behalf of our club.
Swimming is one of best ways to keep fit, whatever your age. The club throughout the year arranges a variety of activities to help improve performance and team morale; this includes land training, social activities and international competitions and training camps. So whatever your level of interest or ability I have no doubt you will find a place at our club. I hope you enjoy your time at Beacon Swimming and Lifesaving Club and I wish you my best.
William R.M. Long