Club History - Synchro and Waterpolo

The Club has over the years had a strong involvement with waterpolo and synchronised swimming. With a retractable floor the pool at Crowborough has been a venue for waterpolo. However, demands on pool time have meant that waterpolo has never been a core strength of the Club although may be this will change over the next 40 years.


Beacon has had a number of synchronised teams and at times been very successful.   The synchro team of the early 1980s was coached by Amanda Hammett and was successful coming second in the 1984 Sussex Synchronised Swimming Championships. However, synchro came to an end in 1989 with no synchro coach being available.


Synchro swimming was restarted in 1998 by Claire Wickham with some great results. The synchro swimming was then taken on by Jacky and Zoe Glasspool in the early 2000s with teams entering the English Schools Competition and the Sussex Synchronised Swimming Competitions. The 2005 County competition was a particularly successful competition for Beacon with Victoria Bennett and Stephanie Fitt winning the gold medal to become County Champion while the Beacon team swam in the 'Novice Team Routine’ to win another gold medal and another county championship. This revival in synchro swimming came to end in 2010 when synchro swimming was disbanded as no synchro coach was available. Hopefully, synchro swimming will make a return to Beacon over the next few years.