Time Trials and Beacon Club Galas

Time trials allow younger and newer members of the Club to keep track of their improvements, also allowing the club to follow this progress. 

Some squads will have time trials written into their training schedule at regular intervals. These will take place during the usual sessions and simply consist of swimmers being timed to complete different strokes and distances. Some of these trials will be run to allow new swimmers an opportunity to get used to the way competitions are run, some however may be far more informal. 
For younger swimmers small improvements in technique and aerobic fitness can lead to a dramatic improvement in times, and so the coaches need current times to help selection for the inter-club galas, and as entry times for some open meets. As such the time trials are important to these swimmers, please try to make it to these sessions when they are announced. Keep an eye on the Club notice boards for time trial dates!
From time to time the club arranges a Beacon Swimming Club gala where swimmers at the Club in different squads swim against each other. These are an ideal first competition and all younger and newer members will be encouraged to compete. These galas are also popular with the club’s more experienced swimmers who enjoy the pressure free racing and it is a fantastic opportunity for new swimmers to see the 'big boys and girls' in action up close, and be part of their teams!