Land Training Activities

These sessions require no equipment other than the odd bit of home furniture and most will last around 20-30 minutes.

Mon & Thurs – Lower Body
Tues & Fri – Upper Body
Wed & Sat – Energy System
Sunday – Recovery/Mobility

Want something a little different? Spell your name & do the workout using the table below!

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Stretches for swimmers - this is just as important as staying fit and healthy! Try to perform these 2-3 times a week or after exercise to maintain your flexibility - click HERE to access the document 

**Please note members partaking in these programmes at home do so at their own risk.

**All members must ensure they perform these sessions in a suitable and safe locations remembering to wear suitable clothing and be suitably hydrated.

**A responsible adult should be in proximity of the athlete at all times to deal with any issues that arise and to stop the athlete training if there are any health / safety concerns.