Club History - The 1990s and early 2000s


In February 1992, Beacon School pool was burnt down and since the Club used the school pool as well as Goldsmiths, it became very difficult to find alternative water time. The pool was only re-opened after Easter in 1994, but in the meantime Goldsmiths closed in December 1993 for its annual maintenance and did not re-open until April 1994 due to a tiling problem, so for a period of four months the Club did not have the use of either pool.


The Club managed to get pool time at Mayfield St. Leonards Convent School and Fermor School which meant, in fact, that every swimmer had some pool time each week. However, it was a very difficult time for the coaches and teachers.


Following Bill Johnston leaving the Club as coach, Betty Rose took up the reins, then the new School Swimming Instructor, Keith Clarke took this on for a brief spell.


This was followed for 3 years by Hilary Brown. Helen Blake followed for a year after whom Mick Brackpool (who had ably assisted for many years) with Wendy Hamerton (team manager) held the fort while a new Coach was sought after.


During this period the Club was assisted by Wally Lord, an ex-Olympic coach and Brian Du Val, current Chairman of Sussex ASA. After a time without a permanent Coach, the position was taken up by Keith Bax, then in 1999 by Sharon Wheeler, who together with Andy Hamerton, who became coach in 2006 after having been a swimmer and life saver at the Club, has raised the position of the Club in South East swimming with swimmers competing at County, Regional and National Championships.