Beacon are looking for parents/swimmers to send in a short video (no longer than 10 seconds) of themselves swimming with no pool. The best ones will be published on social media!

Please see coach Bens entry below!

… A very strong entry from team Chrismas!

Georges favourite stroke!

Harry showing us his fantastic fly technique...

Molly showing us all how its done!

Freddies Fantastic Fly!

Jacks flying with his dive!

Erin (one of our youngest in club) has done a fantastic job with her breast stroke!

Henrys amazing front crawl!

The starting gun in the next video is the best!

Chelsea shows us how to dive!

...What a finish from Neive!

Sophia from our pre-squad training hard!

Ben is bonkers - but definitely the most training he has done in a while!!

Masters swimmer Martin shows us how its done!

Our first relay takeover - team Browning!

Harrison and Elliots line throw in record speed!

… Darcies Doggy Paddle!

Isla's 'wheely' swimming fast!

Erins beautiful backstroke!

Elliott and his 'DOLPHINNN!!'

Sienna's Blasting Butterfly..

Toby and his lifesaving dive!

Amy practising her tumble turns + fins!

Olly's front crawl!

Jacks swimming

Starting gun or water gun?

Adam has his own pool!

Freya is flying!

Archie and the Chapman brothers!

Amelia and the waves!

Annabelle 'plops' in!

Coach Fiona is back!

Mia is in a bottle!

Coach Marjan from Holland!

Maisie and Toby come out of retirement!

The Beacon Girls chatting in the shower - nothing ever changes!

Marjans Dive!

Claire cant get warm without her regular visits to the pool!

Joes no pool no problem!

Rach is enjoying no pool no problem too much..!

Tara is actually flying!

Gemma throws herself into it!

Laurens butterfly (… or worm?!)

Paulas manikin carry!

No pool? Rachael says its OK!

Akbars No Pool No Problem!

If you know, you know!


Amy loving no team manager responsibilities!

Anyone else missing the kick sets?!

Coach Chris and Sarah!

Emma and her 100 tow (commentary from Mike!)

.. More to be posted in the coming days! #TEAMBEACON